Jack of Diamonds LLC is a boutique filmmaking company integrating rigorous desk and field research with cinematographic excellence to conceptualize, shoot, edit & produce visually compelling, prescient bio shorts transforming didactic material to the needs of an increasingly more sophisticated and diverse viewership. We specialize in high production value, biographical short films for art galleries and their artists.

The narrative depth of Jack of Diamonds bio shorts contributes to the artists’ legacies, while serving as an immediate resource for maximizing their impact and visibility. We see our work as adding value to the broader cultural narrative of today; by curating source material from the artists’ archives, placing their work in parallel to current trends of artistic thought and production. At the same time, our bio shorts highlight the spaces and structures that facilitate these artists’ practices, and the complicated system of symbiotic relationships: collectors, critics, researchers, consumers and the public, all interacting with the artistic bodies of work in varying capacities and lifetime

Jack of Diamonds Productions is dedicated to facilitating experimental and progressive collaborations between artists, communities, spaces, institutions – to create engaging media that serves both as historical record and as a tool of promotion for artists engaged in work that encounters some of the most pressing issues of our time and the spaces that support them.